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GAT was founded in 2011.

In 2016, the company underwent organizational changes and moved to a new location in Ashdod.

GAT specializes in providing external services in the field of development, design, and manufacturing of mechanical and electromechanical systems for the defense, aerospace and aerospace industries.

Our people have extensive experience in the field of mechanics and electromechanics, and we maintain our professional standards while maintaining quality procedures.

We manage the production of the project for the customer from design to delivery, including service to the product.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality engineering solutions in various fields of development, in order to minimize the time of supply of products in a variety of industrial sectors.

GAT uses quality subcontractors in Israel and abroad to maintain costs, increase capacity and production capabilities.

Major customers include Elbit Systems, Elta, Israel Aerospace Industries, the Ministry of Defense, Technion and other civilian companies.

Our company certified ISO9001: 2008 / AS9100D standard

Our company has an authorized supplier number:


Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


The Ministry of Defense


Company Overview

Our company has huge production capabilities; production is done with companies in which we have extensive collaborations

The production takes place in Israel and abroad, according to needs that are affected by the size and weight of the unit

GAT Our company is responsible for the supply of the product from the process of production drawings approved by complete machining NDT cutting, welding, stress release, testing

In the process and every process of coating and color according to the required standards

Machining capability ranges from tens of millimeters to parts of 20 meters or more

Bending and rolling machines of different sizes (WPS, PQR, WPQR welding capabilities), while maintaining the authority and welding procedures

Cutting machines of various sizes for parts weighing tens of tons, including large pressure-free furnaces