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Quality Assurance

GАТ Ltd. has undertaken a continuous process of continuous improvement in all areas of the Company's activity in order to improve the Company's business ability and this in order to ensure its long-term existence and development.
The company is committed to the quality management system, complies with AS9100D and ISO9001-2015 standards and constantly improves the system's effectiveness while meeting customer expectations.
As a basis for constant improvement, the quality management system includes operational and managerial processes in all areas of the organization's work.
Company management and employees believe that customer satisfaction is directly related to the organization's ability to meet all the quality requirements, timetables, documentation and prices defined by the customer, which are measured regularly and are used to improve quality management processes.
Every employee in the organization understands that he is directly responsible for the quality and customer satisfaction. The employees in the company are an integral part of the quality management system within the various functions they perform.
The company's policy is based on ISO 9001: 2015, AS9100 D standards for the management of quality systems in the field of aviation, security and aerospace requirements for local market and export. Compliance with laws, regulations and requirements of applicable government offices, including proper safety conditions.
This policy is also based on the IAQG principles for improving the quality of products in the supply chain and meeting supply timetables.
The quality will be promoted by a continuous, continuous and continuous effort of the managers and employees:
Work according to procedures and work instructions.
Fostering professionalism among the company's employees.
Working with customers.
Working with suppliers to improve availability and quality of materials.
Setting goals and closely monitoring the quality of their achievement.
Training of Company employees.
Responsibility of each employee for the quality of his work.
self criticism.
Implementation and compliance with ethical behavior in the organization.
Prevention instead of repair.
Process monitoring.
Importance of product safety and employee safety.
Risk Management and Simplicity.