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Planning and Engineering

Planning and Engineering

Including senior engineers from defense companies, such as Elta, Elbit, with vast experience and knowledge in planning and developing airborne and ground security systems

ERP Production Planning & Control

ERP Production Planning & Control

The department  PPC is using a full ERP system for production planning, load balancing and prioritizing according to customer needs and future forecasts, optimizing utilization of materials, man power and machines to meet customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Contract survey and risk management before sending a quote to a customer, setting points

Control of raw materials purchased materials and processes that meet the customer's requirements ATR, ATP, control



Projects Management

Projects Management

Follow-up of an organized project, from the time of receiving a request for a quotation from the customer to the supply of a finished product

Customer Satisfaction

According to the customer satisfaction survey, the average score is 5 out of 5

More Features

Machining is an industrial production process in which material is removed from a lump of raw material

CNC Lathes

CNC Lathes for all types of metal and machining work, to process symmetrical axial parts


Milling if your business needs serious milling that will enable it to perform professional machining

Precise Machining

If your business demands high-efficiency, high-precision machining, give us a chance to bid on your next project.

Climb Milling

Milling of conventional machines - a large part of which is operated manually

Turret Milling

Horizontal&Vertical turret milling machines for massive works